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Standard Projekt Ltd fully executes following commissions:

General contracting
One of our purposes is to facilitate procedure for conducting building works. Our company offers to fulfill a role of general constructor for investment building processes. We are able to operate every kind of investment thoroughly, starting from site preparation acceptance and finishing with occupancy permit. In cooperation with our business partners our actions are based on investor's satisfaction gained by honesty and reliability. What we care about while planning and executing is professionalism, modernity and maximum involvement of resources. We provide high standards for our enterprises and economical enhancement.

Construction and industrial building
We use the latest technologies for:
Steel structures Buildings of concrete and reinforced concrete structures Renovation, modernization, installation and demolition works.

Energy building
Our company provides complex services of building road and foundation infrastructure connected with wind parks and main power supply stations, such as:
Road building
We offer following range of services:
Project supervision
The company provides supervision for entire investing and building process, including:
Photovoltaic cells
Photovoltaic cells (also called solar cells) are solid state electrical devices that convert the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Solar photovoltaic cells are made from semiconductor materials, mostly of silicon (Si), which contains atoms of boron (with positive charge) and phosphorus (with negative charge). Particular cells combine into batteries and this is how the whole module of about 1,5 square meters surface arises. Thanks to Sun rays, there is electrons' flow (with positive and negative charge) in photovoltaic module. As a result we Get classic plus and minus - direct current (DC). In order to use the energy, there are installed inverters, which are used for changing the direct current into alternating (AC). The main advantage of photovoltaic cells is their reliability, lightness and possibility of obtaining free electricity with parameters for economic purposes. Energy is gained in clean, quiet and practically automatic (off-grid), or with electric al system (on-grid). Therefore, solar cells are more and more common in systems directly plugged to the mains or automatic generators. There are many applications of this source of energy, not only in households, like for example streetlights, road signs, meteorological stations, radio and communication relays, or cameras. Efficiency of the system depends on insolation obtained during a year and from the place of installation. The more sun light and stronger radiation, the more energy can be supplied. Not only the weather, but also geographical position have an impact on the level of radiation. About 80% of efficient radiation is provided between April and September. In Poland the annual sum of solar energy hitting the surface of 1m2 amounts to 950-1250 kWh/m2, in accordance with different estimates. Taking into consideration planned amendments to energy law that give opportunity of selling the energy at a high price, solar farms are becoming more and more popular in our country.